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Dedications and Acknowledgements

Updated: 4-Sep-2008


All Logs, Cover Art Can Be Downloaded\Viewed By All Users. We Also Provide Free Access To All Old Time Radio Shows On Our Server (With A Few Download Limitations). This Has Created Some Unwarranted Attacks, Un-true Statements, And Even Fabricated Information From Other Golden Age Of Radio Websites About SpartaRadio.Com, OTRCat.Com, OTRDays.Com, OTRDepot.com (I Bought There Collection), DadsOTR.Com, otrsite.com, And One Of The Most Well Known Old Time Radio Show Group OTR Has Been Attacked Unjustly Recently.

There Are Some People (My Users) I Would Like To Credit For Helping Me With File Corrections, And Radio Show Logs On The Server, But Due To The Recent Attacks On My, And Other Websites I Hesitate To Provide There Names For Fear Of Them Also To Come Under Attack. I Do Try To Provide Information, Images, And Shows Users Can Obtain Free. There Are Some Money Hungry Golden Age Of Radio Web Sites That Provide Nothing But Waves In This Hobby.

Special Thanks

For Martin Grams, Jr. Who Personally Helped Me Credit Many People (Besides Himself) Who Spent Many Hours, And Money Researching Many Of The Old Radio Shows.

Other Acknowledgements

I Wish To Personally Thank The Following People (Not A Complete List I Am Sure) Who Have Worked Hard To Research Many Of The Old Radio Shows. Many People Use There Logs To ID Radio Shows. Some Of There Data Maybe Included In Our Logs, And Not Credited Properly On Other Old Time Radio Websites:

The Group OTRR, Aaron Mintz, Al Sikora, Andrew Steinberg, Andy Blatt, Barbara Davies, Bill Blalock, Bill Bright, Bill Brooks, Bill Sabis, Bob Axley, Bob Burnham, Bob Marquette, Bruce Ruggles, Chuck Haddix, Chuck Juzek, Cortlandt Parent, Dave Siegel, Dejay Shriner, Dick Ayers, Dominick Cancilla, Don Aston, Don Brush, Don Pellow, Donald Hansen, Doug Due, Doug Kosmonek, Dr. Barry Brooks, E. M. Pienkos, Ed Carr, Elizabeth McCleod, Eugene Soucek, Frank Bequaert, Frank Bresee, Frank Gilmore, Frank Swayze, Fred E. Dickey, Fred King, Gary Dudash, Gene Ewan, George Wagner, Gerald Gibson, Gerry Monaghan, Gordon Kelley, Harold Widdison, Henry Hinkel, Hugh Carlson, Jay Hickerson, Jerry Appleman, Jerry Austin, Jerry Chapman, Jerry Perchesky, Jim Blythe, Jim Widner, Joe Webb, John Barker, John Eccles, John Edwards, John Gassman, John McDonough, John Olsen, Jon Maslanski, Joseph Russell, Josh Bray, Ken Greenwald, Ken Neal, Larry Gassman, Larry Kiner, Lee Munsick, Les Waffen, Les Zeiger, Louis McMahon, Marc Michaud, Martin Halperin, Marvin Bensman, Mel Fischer, Michael Pitts, Mike Ogden, Miller Hahn, Nat Kruskol, Pat McCoy, Peter Bernstock, Phil Chavin, Phil Esser, Phil Evans, Phineas Gage, Randy Eidemiller, Ray Stanich, Richard Arnold, Richard Hayes, Richard Hill, Richard Pirodsky, Robert Flatter, Robert Imes, Rodney Kennedy, Roger Hill, Roger Kobzina, Ron Barnett, Ron Lackmann, Roy Hooper, Steve Kelez, Steve Lewis, Steven Smolian, Ted Serrill, Terry Salomonson, Todd Nebel, Tom DeLong, Tom Monroe, Tom Price, Tom Salome, Tom van der Voort, Trent Clifton, Vic Gerard, Walter Keepers, Walter Smith and many others.

Here Is A List Of Series Names, And People We Know That Has Provided Valuable Research In The Past For Specific Old Time Radio Logs That Are Available In Multiple Places On The Internet That May Not Be Credited Properly:

21st Precinct - Stewart Wright
Abbott and Costello Radio Show - Bruce Forsberg
Academy Award Theater - Dick Judge
Academy Awards - Frank Passage
Adventurers Club - Martin Grams Jr.
Adventures By Morse - Frank Passage
Adventures in Research - Shawn Wells
Adventures of Frank Race - Frank Passage
Adventures of Philip Marlowe - Frank Passage
Adventures of Sam Spade - Frank Passage
Alien In The Mind - Frank Passage
Alien Worlds - Frank Passage
Aliens in the Mind - Gordon Payton
American in England - Frank Passage
American Novels (1947) - Frank Passage
Amos and Andy - Elizabeth McCleod
Arch Oboler's Plays (1939-1940, 1945, 1964) - Frank Passage
Around The World In 80 Days - Frank Passage
Arthur Hopkins Presents - Martin Grams Jr.
Asimov's Foundation Trilogy - Frank Passage
Audion Theatre (1990) - Frank Passage
BBC Presents: Phillip Marlowe - Frank Passage
BBC's Orbit One Zero - Frank Passage
BBC's Satellite Seven - Frank Passage
Beyond Tomorrow - Frank Passage
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel - Walt Pattinson
Black Mass - Max Schmid
Black Museum, The - Frank Passage
Black Museum, The - Tony West
Bold Venture - Dick Judge
Boston Blackie - Dick Judge
Box 13 - Frank Passage
Bradbury 13 - Frank Passage
Bradbury On The Radio - Frank Passage
Broadcast Day 05/28/1928 - Eric N. Wilson
Broadcast Day 09/21/1939 - Eric N. Wilson
Cabin B-13 - Frank Passage
Cabin B-13 - Ray Stanich
Calling All Cars - Ray Stanich
Campbell Playhouse - Frank Passage
Canticle for Liebowitz, A - Frank Passage
Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater - Gordon Payton
Casey, Crime Photographer - David Siegel and J. Randolph Cox
Cavalcade of America - Art Chimes
Cavalcade of America - Martin Grams
Cavalcade of America - Martin Grams Jr.
CBC's Mystery Project - Goeff Locker
CBC's Nero Wolfe - Frank Passage
CBS is There / You Are There - Dick Judge
CBS is There / You Are There - Frank Passage
CBS Radio Mystery Theater - Dick Judge
CBS Radio Mystery Theater - Fan's Perspective - Dick Judge
CBS Radio Workshop - Frank Passage
Ceiling Unlimited (1942-1943) - Frank Passage
Challenge of the Yukon - Terry Salomonson
Chandu, The Magician - Frank Passage
Charles Paris on the Radio - Frank Passage
Charlie Wild, Detective - Ray Stanich
Chase, The - Frank Passage
Chet Chetter's Tales From The Morgue - Dick Judge
Chillers - Frank Passage
Cinnamon Bear, The - Frank Passage
Cloak and Dagger - Frank Passage
Cloak and Dagger - Martin Grams, Jr.
Clock, The - Dick Judge
Columbia Presents Corwin (1944 & 1945) - Frank Passage
Crime and Peter Chambers - Frank Passage
Crime Classics - Frank Passage
Crime Does Not Pay - Frank Passage
Crisis - Frank Passage
Crisis in War Town - Martin Grams Jr.
Cruise of the Poll Parrot - Terry Salomonson
Curtain Time - Ray Stanich
Dameron - Stewart Wright
Dameron (1972-1973) - Frank Passage
Damon Runyon Theater - Dick Judge
Damon Runyon Theater - Frank Passage
Dark Fantasy - Frank Passage
Dark Island (BBC, 1969) - Frank Passage
Day of the Triffids - Frank Passage
Death Valley Days - Terry Salomonson
Death Valley Sheriff - Terry Salomonson
Devil And Mr. O (1970-1971) - Frank Passage
Dimension X - Frank Passage
Doc Savage - Dick Judge
Doc Savage - Frank Passage
Dr West's Celebrity Night - Martin Grams
Dr. Kildare - Steve & Jean Scalzo
Dr. West's Celebrity - Martin Grams Jr.
Dragnet - Frank Passage
Earth Search /Earth Search II - Frank Passage
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy - Martin Grams
Encore Theater (1946) - Frank Passage
Escape - Dick Judge
Escape - Frank Passage
Exploring Tomorrow - Frank Passage
Fat Man, The - Frank Passage
FDR's Fireside Chats - Frank Passage
Fear on Four - Frank Passage
Fifth Horseman, The - Frank Passage
Ford Theater - Frank Passage
Forecast - Martin Grams
Forecast - Martin Grams Jr.
Fort Laramie - Frank Passage
Free World Theater - Martin Grams Jr.
Frontier Fighters - Frank Passage
Frontier Gentleman - Frank Passage
Frontier Town - Frank Passage
Future Tense - Frank Passage
General Mills Radio Adventure Theater - Dick Judge
Grand Marquee - Frank Passage
Green Hornet, The - Dick Judge
Green Lama, The - Steve & Jean Scalzo
Green Valley Line - Frank Passage
Grip of Terror - Frank Passage
Gunsmoke - Frank Passage
Hall of Fantasy - Frank Passage
Hallmark Playhouse, The - Frank Passage
Hallo Americans (1942-1943) - Frank Passage
Harry Nile - Stewart Wright
Haunting Hour, The - Dick Judge
Have Gun, Will Travel - Frank Passage
Hilary Caine Mysteries - Stewart Wright
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Dick Judge
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Frank Passage
Hobbit, The - Frank Passage
Honest Harold, The Homemaker (1950-1951) - Frank Passage
Hopalong Cassidy - Dick Judge
Horatio Hornblower - Henry Hinkel
Horizon's West - Martin Grams Jr.
Horizons West - Stewart Wright
House of Mystery - Dick Judge
I Love A Mystery - Brief History - Steve Lewis
I Love A Mystery - Jim Widner
I Love Adventure - Frank Passage
I Was A Communist For The FBI (1952-1953) - Frank Passage
In the name of the Law - Martin Grams Jr.
Information Please - Dick Judge
Information Please - Tom Kleinschmidt
Inner Sanctum - Martin Grams
Inspector Maigret (BBC, 1976-1998) - Frank Passage
Inspector West - Frank Passage
Intrigue - Martin Grams Jr.
Jerry at Fair Oaks - Terry Salomonson
Jerry at the Circus - Terry Salomonson
Jim French Shows (Seattle) - Stewart Wright
Johnny Dollar (Introduction To) - Jim Widner
Johnny Dollar, multi-part series - Frank Passage
Journey Into Space - Frank Passage
Journey Into Space - Gordon Payton
Jumbo - David Bakish
Kincaid, The Strange Seeker - Stewart Wright
Little Blue Playhouse - Martin Grams Jr.
Lives Of Harry Lime, The - Frank Passage
Lord of the Rings - Frank Passage
Lord Peter Wimsey - Frank Passage
Luke Slaughter of Tombstone - Frank Passage
Lum & Abner - Shawn Wells
Lum & Abner - Virgil Stewart
Lum & Abner 30-min - Dick Judge
Lux Radio Theater, The - Frank Passage
Macabre - Frank Passage
Macabre - Gordon Payton
Magic Island - Frank Passage
Mark Trail - Dick Judge
McLevy (1999-2003) - Frank Passage
Mel Blanc Show, The - Frank Passage
Melody and Madness - David Bakish
Mercury Summer Theater - Frank Passage
Mercury Theater of the Air - Frank Passage
Midnight - Dick Judge
Midnight - Gordon Payton
Molle Mystery Theater - Ray Stanich
Moon Over Africa - Frank Passage
Moon Over Africa - Gordon Payton
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons - Jim Cox
Murder at Midnight - Frank Passage
Music Depreciation - Martin Grams Jr.
Mutual Radio Theater - Dick Judge
Mysterious Traveler, The - Frank Passage
Mystery In The Air - Frank Passage
NBC University Theater of the Air (1948-1951) - Frank Passage
Nero Wolfe: New Adventures of - Frank Passage
Nero Wolfe: The Hunt For - Steve Hood
Nightbeat - Frank Passage
Nightfall - Frank Passage
Nightwatch, The - Frank Passage
O'Hara - Stewart Wright
O'Hara - Stewart Wright
On Stage - Ray Stanich
One World Flight (1947) - Frank Passage
Orson Welles Radio Almanac - Ray Stanich
Orson Welles Radio Almanac (1944) - Frank Passage
Orson Welles Theater (1941-1942) - Frank Passage
Our Miss Brooks (partial) - Frank Passage
P Division, Code 41 (BBC) - Roy Moore
Palmolive Beauty Box - Ray Stanich
Paul Temple: The Radio Shows - Frank Passage
Paul Weston Show, The - Martin Grams
Philco Radio Time - Dick Judge
Philip Marlowe - A Review - Norman Cox
Philo Vance, Detective - Frank Passage
Plays for Americans - Martin Grams Jr.
Plays For Americans (1942) - Frank Passage
Police Headquarters - Frank Passage
Private Files of Rex Saunders - Martin Grams Jr.
Pursuit - Stewart Wright
Quiet Please - Frank Passage
Quiet Please - Ron Barnett
Radio City Playhouse - Frank Passage
Radio City Playhouse - Ray Stanich
Radio Detectives, The - Frank Passage
Raffles (BBC, 1985-1993) - Frank Passage
Raffles, The Gentleman Thief - Stewart Wright
Richard Diamond, Private Detective - Frank Passage
Road Ahead, The - Martin Grams
Rocky Fortune - Frank Passage
Rocky Fortune - Joe Berg
Rocky Jordan (1945-1953) - Frank Passage
Rogue's Gallery - Dick Judge
Rum Runners, The (CBC) - Dick Judge
Runyon's Guys and Dolls - Frank Passage
Saint, The - Charles Laughlin
Saint, The - Ian Dickerson
Satellite Seven - Gordon Payton
Scarlet Pimpernel, The - Shawn Wells
Sci-Fi Radio - Frank Passage
Screen Director's Playhouse - Frank Passage
Sealed Book, The - Frank Passage
Sears Radio Theater - Dick Judge
Sears Radio Theater - Frank Passage
Second Holmes - Frank Passage
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon - Terry Salomonson
SF68 (South African) - Frank Passage
Shadow Of Fu Manchu, The - Frank Passage
Shadow, The (w/Orson Welles) - Bob Cornwell
Shape Of Things To Come, The - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (Conway & Bruce) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (Foster / Buck Version) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (Gilegud & Richardson) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (Hobbs & Shelley) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (Langford / Baker Version) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (Marsden / Moffatt Version 1987) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (Merrison / Williams Version) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (New Adventures of) - Vincent R. Damiano
Sherlock Holmes (Stanley / Martin Version) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (Stanley / Shirley Version) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes (Wright / Snowden Version) - Frank Passage
Sherlock Holmes, The Classic Adventures of - Stewart Wright
Sherlock Holmes, The Further Adventures of - Stewart Wright
Six Shooter, The - Frank Passage
Sleep No More - Frank Passage
Slide, The - Frank Passage
Space Force/Space Force II - Frank Passage
Spine Chillers (BBC) - Frank Passage
Stan Freberg Show - Frank Passage
Star Wars - Frank Passage
Stars In The Air - Steve & Jean Scalzo
Strange Dr. Weird - Frank Passage
Stroke of Fate - Frank Passage
Studio One - Frank Passage
Sunday With Garroway - Martin Grams
Superman - [email protected]
Suspense - Ed Carr
Suspense - Frank Passage
Suspense (Introduction To) - Jim Widner
Tales of the Bazaar - Frank Passage
Tales of the Texas Rangers - Frank Passage
Tales of Tomorrow - Frank Passage
Tarzan And The Diamond Of Ashair (1934) - Frank Passage
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle - Frank Passage
Teahouse Detective (BBC) - Roy Moore
Tell It Again - Martin Grams Jr.
The Adventures of Frank Race - Terry Salomonson and Martin Grams Jr.
The Adventures of Superman - Fred Shay
The Big Story - Dave Siegel
The Camel Comedy Caravan (Jimmy Durante) - David Bakish
The Cinnamon Bear - Dennis Crow has been the man credited for the script titles
The Cisco Kid - Terry Salomonson, And Bill Walker
The Clock - Ray Stanich
The Couple Next Door - Terry Salomonson
The First Nighter Program - Ray Stanich
The Frances Langford Show - Martin Grams Jr.
The Green Hornet - Terry Salomonson and The Green Hornet, Inc.
The Lone Ranger - Terry Salomonson
The People Act - Martin Grams Jr.
The Witch's Tale - David Seigel and Alonzo Deen Cole
Theater Five - Dick Judge
Theater Five - Frank Passage
Third Man (Lives of Harry Lime) - Yorel and Gary Imhoff
This is My Best - Ray Stanich
Tish - Ray Stanich
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet - Gordon Payton
Top Secret - Martin Grams Jr.
Tower Playhouse - Frank Passage
Twenty Six By Corwin (1941) - Frank Passage
Two on a Clue - Ray Stanich
Unopened Casebook of Sherlock Holmes - Frank Passage
V.I. Warshawsky on the Radio (BBC, 1992-1993) - Frank Passage
Vic & Sade - Dick Judge
Vic & Sade (Introduction To) - Max Schmid
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen - Frank Passage
War And Peace (BBC, 1997-1998) - Frank Passage
War of the Worlds - Frank Passage
War of the Worlds - Martin Grams
We Take Your Word - Martin Grams
Weird Circle - Frank Passage
Whisperer (1951) - Frank Passage
Whistler, The - Dick Judge
Whitehall 1212 - Dick Judge
Whitehall 1212 - Frank Passage
Wild Bill Hickok - Dick Judge
World of F. Scott Fitzgerald (1979) - Frank Passage
World's Great Novels (1944-1948) - Frank Passage
X Minus One - Frank Passage
You Are There - Ray Stanich
Zero Hour - Dick Judge
Zero Hour - Frank Passage


Some Radio Images On SpartaRadio.Com Have Been Barrowed From: Radiolaguy (With His Permission) That I Also Trade Links With.

In May Of 2008 I Was Informed By Jim Beshires Of The Leading OTR Research Group (That Has Many Well Known Collectors In There Organization). That Some Of The Free Art Work That Is On SpartaRadio.Com, And OTR Logs I Have May Have Came From The OTR Group. I Was Told I Could Use The Images As Long As I Credit The Group, And That The Images, Logs, And Other Information Are Free To All Users.