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Free Credits

For A Limited Time The Sparta Old Time Radio Will Issue Any Member Free Credits To Users Who Refer Other Users To Join The Sparta Old Time Radio Site. The User Must Tell Me Within 7 Days Who Referred Them To The Site, And After Doing So, I Will Credit Your Account The Following Credits. No Other Old Time Radio Or Golden Age Of Radio Site Will Credit You As Much As SpartaOTR.

New User Bought Or More

Amount Added To Your Account

A Value To You

5 Gigs

1 Gigs


10 Gigs

2 Gigs


15 Gigs

3 Gigs


20 Gigs

4 Gigs


25 Gigs

5 Gigs


100% Guarantee 100% Guarantee 100% Guarantee

If You Download Any MP3 That Is Not What The Folder And The File Name Tells You It Is, I Will Credit You For The Download.

Let Me Know What The Complete File Name Is, And I Will Check It Out, And If It Is Not What It Tells You It Is I Will Credit Your Account Three(3) Times The Amount Of Bytes Of That File.

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