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Hi there,

Thanks for your great service! I've been collecting old time radio shows for decades and thought I had most everything available, then I tried your site and right out of the bag I found shows I'd never heard.

Thanks for your great work, Joe xxxxxx

"I have been meaning to send you a note to say how much I have enjoyed the radio shows I've downloaded from your site. Your site has helped me discover so many wonderful shows I wasn't aware of! Thanks again for the enjoyment you have given to me through your wonderful site!"


"You have a great site, Please keep up the wonderful work."

"Your site is tremendous! Everything works smoothly and the selection of shows is the best I've seen. You are truly performing a great service by making the "golden age of radio" available to enjoy all over again"

"Compared to the majority of old time radio sites out there, yours is the best. Thank you for the great site and keep up the good work."

Your the best site on the web..."

"SpartaRadio.Com is the love of my life and I can't imagine having to do without it!"

"You have a great site that has provided many hours of enjoyment for me and my disabled wife, Thank You!"

"Thanks for the great site"

"I really love your site, very professional and easy to use."

"By the way, LOVE the site. I Am glad I became a member!"

"I recommend SpartaRadio.Com to all my friends and family. GOD BLESS YOU!"

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"You truly are the best. Thanks for all your hard work"

"My sister thought I would enjoy your web site. she was absolutely right! "

"You have the best OTR site on the web..."

"I Love SpartaRadio.Com and I can't imagine having to do without it!"

"You have a great site that has provided many hours of enjoyment for me, Thank You!"

"Thanks again for the great site! "

"Thanks for a great site!"

"I really love your site, very professional and easy to use"

"By the way, LOVE the site. So glad I became a member!"

"The site is easy to navigate, loads fast and files are a breeze to download"

"Your website is great! I never knew there were so many other people who loved old radio shows. Thanks for all your efforts!"

"Thank you so much for your wonderful service. It is the most exciting thing I have discovered since discovering my love of old radio many years ago."

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"Mark, Thank you for all your hard work. How much you care about SpartaRadio.Com really shows, and you and the web site mean a lot to us. Thanks!"

"I love the site, its the best! I've been a member for about a year and you do a great job. Keep up the good work"

"Thanks for the site. Keep up the excellent work!"

"I want to thank you for your great work on the website. I consider the money I spend at your site, one of the best investments I have ever made."

"Thank you for all the effort you are giving to this site, I, and I'm sure all the others, really appreciate it too."

"Your radio site is awesome. Thank you for a great escape into Sci-Fi."

"The site is the greatest on-line OTR site I have found"

"Thanks Mark. Your service is great. You are one of my Superman heroes!"

"Mark, I wanted to let you know I'm disabled and thanks for the large text on the menus. can't believe how wonderful this site is. I just discovered OTR last Year and can't see how i could have missed something like this for so many years. Fast downloads, everything I want is right here! This web site is the best value I've run across in ages. Thank you for all your hard work in making this site available to us OTR fans."

"This service rates 10 on a scale of 1 to 10."

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"I would consider it a major loss if you were not on the Internet, to me, your site is the best of the best. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your great work."

"I love your site"

"Keep up the great work."

" I love your site and hope it continues. It is the best OTR site of its kind on the web. Keep up the good work."

"Love your site!. Keep up the good work"

"I recently subscribed to your web site, I think its great."

"I just wanted to thank you for all of the Dragnet episodes! I absolutely love them! Keep them coming! Keep up the good work!! "

"SpartaRadio.Com is the only OTR site I have on my browser!"

"I just joined and am very impressed with the variety and number of radio shows. I am looking forward to many enjoyable hours of listening pleasure. Thanks for all of your efforts. "

"First of all, thanks a million for all the great programs. I love old time radio and listening to the shows makes my daily commute much more enjoyable than listening to the news!"

"This site is the greatest. Keep up the good work."

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"Thanks so much for including the Holmes. I am so excited that you are going to be putting some of my favorite on the web. You truly are the OTR GOD. Thanks for all your hard work"

"I am constantly delighted and entertained by the programs. SpartaRadio.Com and you are terrific and I will continue to recommend both to my friends."

"Love your site!! Keep up the good work!!!"

"I love your site!!!!"

"I wanted to submit a testimonial for your wonderful website ż/span>

Ô‰Ó¶e been collecting OTR for a long time (from vinyl to cassette to CD to mp3) -- Sparta Old Time Radio is one of the best download sites on the Internet for OTR collectors.  Sparta features a comprehensive library of available series, and program accuracy (dates, episodes, etc.) is virtually unsurpassed.  Thanks for making OTR even more fun Å and keep up the great work!Ô¼/span>

Sincerely, David Dxxxxx (18-Jul-2006)

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